Thank goodness I found Bea! I'd been wearing braids for over a decade but really needed to move to something less time-consuming. Bea performed a miracle! People raved about my hair for weeks. I love this new sophisticated style. It's worth every single penny. And, you can't beat the easy maintenance. Thanks so much Bea! You are the absolute best.

Kelly Dixon
I love the look and convience of interlock styles. Above all I love the professionalism that comes with the hairstyle. Miss Bea is always ready and gives you and your hair her undivided attention. This is what keeps me coming back.

Ericka Bell
June 2012: Anyone who desires to grow their natural hair, to see it healed, healthy, strong and long...and yet maintain elegant, sophisticated styles while doing so, will be impressed with Bea's work. You'll find yourself attracted by the glamorous styles that Bea offers, but you'll become a repeat customer because of Bea's professionalism, her courtesy, and unique hairstyling ways. Over the years, I've tried nearly all of Bea's styles and have never been disappointed. But the true beauty secret that Bea offers, is her ability to heal your natural hair. I can tell you that my natural hair has grown a good 14 inches since I've been in Bea's care. When people say that hair is a woman's glory, it's true. But even better is knowing that your natural hair is well cared for with Bea's unique interlock styles.

Robyn Williams
I was taught to testify while I have a chance! So I am back with another testimonial about Interlock Styles! I have been a client for a number of years but for the last year and a half, I have consistently worn Interlocks. I guess it is just like true love...the longer you are in it (wearing them) the more you love them! Not to mention that with proper care of your Interlock hairstyle (suggested maintenance and your ole faithful satin cap and/or pillow case); I have recently experienced my French Deep Curl lasting 8 weeks! We are not going to talk about the new growth (about 3-4 inches) but trust me...only my hair dresser knows! When I shake and fluff...to you...it looks just like new! Thanks Beatrice and Happy Birthday!!

Yolanda Pounds
Coffee @ Speedway.... $ .99, Paying tolls... $5, Coming home with some of the cutest hair ever.... Priceless! Thanks, Beatrice! Interlock Styles is the Beez Kneez

Artrell Mason
Hi Bea- Most definitely-getting my hair done today was wonderful!!! Since this was my first experience with interlocking you did a wonderful job explaining exactly what you were doing every step of the way. I have been on the phone at my son's game the whole time telling everyone how great my hair looks. As soon as I get home I will be posting to your facebook page. Thanks again, and I will be back.

Latoya Gutter
Saturday, Feb.27,2010 was my second trip to Interlock Styles and I can officially say I am HOOKED! I had always been a micro-braid fan until now. No more sitting in the chair for 8-10 hours, no more glue. Interlocks are the best kept secret, but not for long, when word spreads about Beatrice and her salon, every woman will be out to get hooked up. I have relaxed hair and just wanted to give my hair and scalp a break from chemicals and the micro's and that is when I decided to try interlocks. After my first trip to Beatrice I was in love with them. But the true test for me was when I took them down. Unlike with the micro's, once I took the interlocks out, I did not have the scalp irritation that I had experienced in the past. Beatrice was wonderful, she is an expert at what she does and she actually cares about your hair. Interlock Styles will explain to you how to care for your particular hair type. Beatrice was also able to offer me skin care advice that is working well for me. This time around I am sporting the Romance curl and lovin it! Thanks Beatrice!

Kimberly Smith
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