I have to say that i really enjoyed my experience yesterday with Ms. Bea. She was very kind, courteous, and professional. I was very satisfied with her service. I love thay I had just met her but felt comfortable enough to talk to her about anything. I am glad I found her. Interlocks is the way I plan on giving myself and my hair a break. I cant wait to get my hair done again

Adrien Jones
I have never been dissapointed with any style Bea has given me. When I turned 30 I begin shedding hair in the top of my head, a trait I inherited from my mom and dad. It knock my confidence down a bit and made me self concious. But after Bea worked her magic I felt my swag return and I felt my confidence shift upwards! Not mention my new husband loves the looks Im able to create with my extentions! I couldnt be happier with Bea's Services and would recommend Interlock Styles over and over again!!!

Shereece Frison-Williams
I first started getting my hair Interlocked in 2000 a few months after I had my daughter, and I fell in love with Interlocks. They are very manageable, sassy, and classy. The styles are awesome. My hair has grown tremendously, as well as my daughters, I began getting daughters hair done in the summer of 2011. I must say Interlocks is very healthy and manageable. Try It, You'll Love it!!

Sheila Jordon
Thank goodness I found Bea! I'd been wearing braids for over a decade but really needed to move to something less time-consuming. Bea performed a miracle! People raved about my hair for weeks. I love this new sophisticated style. It's worth every single penny. And, you can't beat the easy maintenance. Thanks so much Bea! You are the absolute best.

Kelly Dixon
I love the look and convience of interlock styles. Above all I love the professionalism that comes with the hairstyle. Miss Bea is always ready and gives you and your hair her undivided attention. This is what keeps me coming back.

Ericka Bell
June 2012: Anyone who desires to grow their natural hair, to see it healed, healthy, strong and long...and yet maintain elegant, sophisticated styles while doing so, will be impressed with Bea's work. You'll find yourself attracted by the glamorous styles that Bea offers, but you'll become a repeat customer because of Bea's professionalism, her courtesy, and unique hairstyling ways. Over the years, I've tried nearly all of Bea's styles and have never been disappointed. But the true beauty secret that Bea offers, is her ability to heal your natural hair. I can tell you that my natural hair has grown a good 14 inches since I've been in Bea's care. When people say that hair is a woman's glory, it's true. But even better is knowing that your natural hair is well cared for with Bea's unique interlock styles.

Robyn Williams
I was taught to testify while I have a chance! So I am back with another testimonial about Interlock Styles! I have been a client for a number of years but for the last year and a half, I have consistently worn Interlocks. I guess it is just like true love...the longer you are in it (wearing them) the more you love them! Not to mention that with proper care of your Interlock hairstyle (suggested maintenance and your ole faithful satin cap and/or pillow case); I have recently experienced my French Deep Curl lasting 8 weeks! We are not going to talk about the new growth (about 3-4 inches) but trust me...only my hair dresser knows! When I shake and fluff...to you...it looks just like new! Thanks Beatrice and Happy Birthday!!

Yolanda Pounds
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