All textures we provide are high quality synthetic fibers
Cancellation Fee, less than 24hr notice given $50
No Call No Show Fee, No notice of cancellation given †Cost of Appt Missed
Bohemian Curl $240
Romance Curl, Cuddle Braid† $250
Cozy Deep Curl† $240
Go Go Curl $240
Miss Willow† $240
Yaky Pony , Yaky Body Bulk $240
French Deep Curl $220
Interlock Style (client provides†synthetic hair) $200 and up
Interlock Style†(client provides†human hair)† $300 and up
Prices are subject to change without notice, effective Jan 2018

Additional Services

Consultation Complimentary

Additional charge to Interlock very long/thick hair $30

Interlock†Removal Only(no shampoo/conditioning) $30

Shampoo,Condition prior to Interlock Appt $35-$45

Removal,shampoo,deep condition prior to Interlock Appt $60†

Interlock Maintenance (no re-braiding) $30

Interlock Maintenance†plus shampoo&condition of your Interlock Style (no re-braiding) $65

Re-braid Interlock Rows $15 per row

End Trim (of actual hair prior to Interlocking) $15

Brow Wax $15

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