Human Hair

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair, How to Choose 

We have several high quality synthetic textures in house. However, If you're interested in Human Hair here's some helpful information .

Both Human hair and Synthetic hair can be used for Interlock / Tree Braids. The easiest way to decide which one to use is to look at your budget. If your budget is less than $500 for the entire style, I suggest going with synthetic.

Human Hair

• Usually sold by the  ounce, or in 4 ounce bundles. 8-10 ounces needed for one head. $15-$50 per ounce. $100-$500 per head of hair. 

• Can be shampooed, heated & curled, Some requires shampoo before installation

• May be reuseable (if you get higher quality hair $300 and up)

• Can require more maintenance and styling , sometimes has more shedding 

• Can mimic the look of your natural hair

Synthetic Hair

• $30-$60 per head of hair        

• Can be shampooed, most can't be heated & curled    

• Not reuseable

• Requires minimal maintenance and styling, curl pattern stays, reduced shedding 

Human hair isn’t necessarily better than synthetic hair. Poor quality human hair is worse than & more expensive than good quality synthetic hair. Poor quality human hair can tangle, matt &dry out very quickly. Some don’t curl well, despite its claims. If you’ve never had Interlock / Tree Braids I’d suggest using a synthetic texture the first time, then graduate to human hair later if you like.

 If you’re looking to get human hair here are a few vendors that have a good product.

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