Appointments can be made over the phone or online. Online appointments can be booked up to 90 days in advance & the system is available 24/7.


Interlocking appointments are available online. Selected time slots are 6am,10am,2pm Wed- Sat. 

Any other services (brow wax, end trim, etc.) can be scheduled by phone.


A " Wait List" calendar is available online. When you schedule a Wait List appointment, you're  the first in line if the date becomes available. It can be used for any date, but is really effective for Saturday requests. Be advised a Wait List appt is not a guaranteed appointment. So its a good idea to book a set appointment  just in case.


New clients: we'd love to get a little information about your hair prior to our meeting. Feel free to  you book your first appoinment online, then please call for a short phone consultation. 

Thank You

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