What Are Interlock Braids (aka Tree Braids)?               

Interlocking, also known as tree braiding, is the art form of braiding natural hair in cornrows & at the same time adding and releasing loose strands of hair. It is one of the best kept secrets in hair extensions & the healthiest form of hair extensions available today. In 2-4 hours you can have a style that last up to 2 months.


The process has several names. Interlock Braids, Tree Braids (there are two types: cornrow based & individual based), Interlock Weave, or Invisible Braids. The direction the hair is braided for Interlock Braids may vary.


Interlocks can be peformed on almost any hair type. Chemically treated, Natural, Relaxed or Transitioning. The braids can safely cover thin,bald or damaged areas on the head. Relaxed hair should be at least 2 weeks old to prevent undue stress on newly chemically treated hair.


Advantages of Interlock Braids


Helps Ease the Transition to Natural Hair

Relaxers are not as popular as they used to be, as a result many women are looking for a safe transition out of them. Interlocking is perfect because it provides you with a professional look while keeping your hair protected. Your hair can still be shampooed and conditioned while braided. 


Completely Covers Thin/Bald Areas

On most people, Interlock / Tree Braids can cover areas where there is hair loss. It can cover the crown, back or sides.


 Perfect for the Active Client

Interlocking is very durable for the active woman. It can be worn during running, exercising, swimming or even in the sauna. All textures can be shampooed and don't require daily curling, styling or setting.


 Saves Time

One appointment will give you a style that will last 4-8 weeks. Minimal styling is required on a daily basis. 5-10 minutes daily is all you need.


Myths About Interlock/Tree Braids


Interlocking requires no tools. Latch hooking/crocheting requires a tool to attach the hair.  


Interlocking doesn't require glue, knotting or sewing throughout your hair. Interlock Styles extensions are locked in securely by just braiding them in. There's just a small amount shedding due to hair growth& maintenance requirements. 


We don't use glue/thread because:

1.Our process doesn't require it.


2.They can cause damage to your hair. Glue can pull your natural hair out, thread can accidentally cut the hair.


3.It's usually difficult for the client to remove themselves, it's more likely to accidentally cut their natural hair when trying to remove it.

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