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Bohemian Curl


Our hottest and most popular texuture! It has a fun & funky look. This is a more advanced fiber due to its lighter weight & consistent curl pattern. It is best worn full, loose and not too far past the shoulders.

This hair is so durable that it holds up while swimming, in steam rooms and in saunas. Many clients select this look in the summer or when going on vacation. It can be worn year round, but some winter hats may not fit , due to the fullness.

This hair has a shake and go quality, just finger comb & go. No combing or brushing required.

Expect up to 8 weeks of wear. If it gets wet more that once per week, expect approximately 6 weeks of wear.  

$240 & up

Available Colors

This hair is available in: 1, 2, 4, 27, 30, 33, tb30, tb27,4/30,4/27,99j 


Required maintenance products: African Gold Braid Sheen Spray, Satin Bonnet

Optional maintenance products: Perfect Edges, Mizani Hairdress 

Maintenance Instructions for Bohemian Curl

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