ReOpen Date due to COVID19 coming soon. Thank you for your patience 😊
Thank you, thank you , thank you to everyone for your patience during this pandemic. I apologize in advance for the length of this notice , but there's a LOT to cover. I'm still closed:( However,I started ordering PPE in over a month ago in anticipation of eventually reopening. I wanted to have everything in place when it became safe to restart business. As you know there are long wait times and many items are back ordered. Masks, shoe covers, bulk sanitizer & liquid soap finally arrived this week! On its way are plastic facial shields, and a no touch thermometer. I expect to receive all needed supplies by the end of this month. Luckily I started ordering last month! The President of Cosmetologist Chicago and her team met with Governor Pritzker and his Task force. They gave the state the following recommendations regarding safely reopening. BTW, my method of scheduling has always been and will be based on each client being a VIP, only one at a time with rare crossover on client times. In summary here are the recommendations given to the Task Force (bold items will be new practices at Interlock Styles): -Temperature checks on clients upon entering the salon -Client must sanitize hands upon entering the salon -Socially distancing inside of salon space, if not enough space, clients wait outside -Masks are to be worn by client and stylists during services -Stylist must sanitize hand before and after each client -Salon station/shampoo bowl must be cleaned with EPA registered disinfectant before and after each client. -Disinfected capes, tools implements are to be used for each client I've had over 2500 hours of education as a salon professional and cosmetology educator, much of which was devoted to safety and sanitation. That education led me to place orders for supplies before it could possibly become a requirement. Whether or not the Governor accepts the recommendations suggested by salon professionals, I will be implementing them at Interlock Styles. in addition to the following : -Client must also sanitize hands before leaving the salon -High touch areas (door handles, chairs, hand railings ,sink etc) will be disinfected after each client leaves the salon -I will be wearing a plastic facial shield -Client will answer a short questionnaire about health and recent social activities -When necessary, clients will required to wear shoe covers I know this seems like a lot, but this is our new normal for the foreseeable future. Many of you, like me, have aging parents or someone in your life that is considered high risk. These measures are for you and for them . Thank you in advance for your compliance and understanding. For those of you that skipped to the bottom looking for my reopening date please scroll back up and read this whole message, the reopen date is coming soon :) I wish you and your loved ones, continued health and wellness. If at all possible shelter in place,stay safe and stay sane . I'll see you soon-) Beatrice Hurey Accept No Substitutes. Chicago's Premier Interlock Stylist since 1997
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