Before Your Appointment

  • Please have your hair shampooed and ready to be braided when you arrive. We must be able to comb and part it easily.
  • Since your hair will be braided for 4-8 weeks, try to get a deep conditioning before receiving your style.
  • Be prepared to sit 2-4 hours. The average amount of time needed to complete the style is 3 hours

During Your Appointment

  • Please be prepared to assist your stylist during the appointment. You'll be passing sections of hair to her.
  • At the start of the appointment ,you'll receive a scalp massage to apply moisture to your hair and to promote circulation. The massage is relaxing and assists in healthy hair growth.

Maintenance Instructions :

We want you to receive the full wear of your Interlock/Tree Braids.  By follwing our care instructions, you'll get the most out of your new style. It doesn't matter how well your new Interlocks are applied if you're not informed on how to care for them. Find the specific care instructions for your new style on the page that describes the texture you're wearing.  

The following general instructions apply to all textures:

  • Sleep in a satin bonnet, scarf or on satin pillow case
  • Trim hair when needed (average is once per week)
  • Shampooing once every 2 weeks is safe 
  • Loosing a few strands from time to time is normal, the hair is not sewn or glued in
  • Brush or detangle with fingers daily depending on the texture chosen
  • Leaving hair braided more than 8 weeks may cause matting or locking, depending on your natural hair texture
  • Comb your hair throughly after removing your Interlocks & before shampooing. Neglecting to do so causes lockage and  your hair will have to be cut to remove the locking
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