Since we started, styles & trends have changed. What has remained constant is the need for women to have a style that is attractive and convenient. Managing natural or relaxed hair can be time consuming and/or costly. Either requires daily styling and weekly/biweekly appointments at the salon.The most important thing at Interlock Styles is the health of your hair. We will never perform a service that can be damaging to your hair. Our Styles are healthy, beautiful and low maintenance.

I started Interlock Styles after 14 years in Corporate America . Interlock Styles brings corporate level professionalism to a studio style salon setting. Enjoy a clean, professional environment devoid of the common disruptions found in many salons today. Appointments begin on time, only one client at a time.

Before protective & natural styles became all the rage, Interlock Styles was in the forefront of promoting strong healthy hair. Not only do they protect your hair, but you can achieve a wide range of styles with the interlocking/tree braiding technique. The main focus here is what's healthy for your hair, not what's trendy. 


Beatrice Hurey

1997 Founder Interlock Styles

2008 Graduate Tricoci University

2009 Educator Tricoci University


Professional Beauty & National Cosmetology Association

Cosmetologist Chicago

American Hairbraiders & Natural Haircare Association


1999 Talijah Waajid 23 braid technique

2009 Redken Specialist

2011 GK Hair Taming

2011 Dinair Airbrush Makeup 

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